Journey Through the Zodiac: An Artistic & Reflective Coloring Book

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Embark on a journey of coming back to Mother Earth, connecting to spirit, and returning to you own heart.

Open yourself to the teachings of the Zodiac cycle and shift your perspective to see the magic that colors the world around you.

Through the meditative process of coloring, you are guided through the reflections in order to develop your own relationship with each archetypal force.

Bring color and life to the forces on these pages, and yo bring color and new life to how they manifest in your everyday experience.


The creation of these mandalas and this book is how I gave my own personal form to a universal language, and I wanted to walk people through that same process for themselves within these pages. Journey through the Zodiac is a self-reflective, mandala coloring book that is based in the language of astrology. This book is meant to guide the reader through the cyclical pattern of growth that all of life moves through, and assist in finding their own unique expression and place within that cycle.

The book consists of twelve blank mandalas to color, each representing the energy of one of the twelve Zodiac signs. Each section is filled with teachings on each individual sign, examples of its manifestations in nature, and reflection questions and mantras to help the reader come to a better understanding of how to work with the energy of the sign within themselves. Journey through the Zodiac is a healing book meant to guide people back into their own power as co-creator and artist of their life, and to bring them back into a deeper communion with the natural world around them.

Check out this blog post sharing more about the story and process behind the creation of the mandalas.

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