Zodiac Mandala Series: Color Your Own Birthday Card

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Our birthdays, or solar returns, are one of the most important days of the year for the rejuvenation of our heart. It’s a day to celebrate our uniqueness, what fills our heart with joy and love, and how we express that into the world. What better way to celebrate a birthday then reminding a person of the energy that continually gives them the fuel for their internal fire.

These unique birthday cards have a blank zodiac mandala on the front, and a brief description of the sign on the inside. They make a great addition to any gift and allow the recipient to work through the meditative process of coloring a mandala embodying the energy of the zodiac sign that holds their heart.

To learn more about the Zodiac Mandala Project, check out this blog post of the story behind their creation, and the book, Journey through the Zodiac.