Living Through the Seasons: Astrological Coaching

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Experience the zodiac cycle through a year long healing journey.

We can take working with your chart to a whole new level of understanding and healing with this year long program.

Our birth chart is our personal calendar. When we start becoming in tune with our own rhythms and cycles, we can begin to see our life unfold with a more natural progression. Each year, the Sun travels around our chart, shining light onto areas of our life we need to pay attention and give focus too. By learning to follow its transit through our chart, we can start focusing our energy and working on developing the themes that pertain to that specific area of our life. By doing this, we are embodying the co-creator of our life, consciously and actively working with our growth and evolution.

Learning how to work with our own personal yearly cycle is a truly rewarding and beautiful process. It can facilitate growth on all levels of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When we can shift our lens of perception of the world around us and learn to see life’s constant patterns and cycles, that’s when we begin to see how magical this human experience really is.

Throughout the year, we will cover:

The 12 step manifestation pattern and layout of the birth chart.

  • All the Inner Planets, Outer Planets, Chiron, and Nodes of the Moon.
  • Dive into more detail of the specific house of the chart as they pertain to you personally, working through each one during the specific time of year the Sun is transiting through it.
  • Cover all transits and aspects going on each month.
  • Discussing planetary returns and where each transiting planet is in it’s return cycle.
  • Working in detail with the New Moons and Full Moons and where they fall in your chart.
  • Working in detail with the Eclipse Seasons and where they fall in your chart.
  • Working through reflection questions each month to really uncover what how each archetype manifests within your life.

Total Cost: $1300 ($200 for the first session + $100 monthly payments)

*Discount of $300 off if paid in full up front*

Sessions will occur monthly, around the beginning of each zodiac season. 

(Quarterly sessions are offered as backup if monthly sessions cannot be maintained.)


First session includes full breakdown of zodiac cycle and planets and will be 2.5 hours long. All other sessions will be 1.5 hours.

*For quarterly meetings, plan for 2.5-3 hours/session

I offer a free 30 minute discovery call to introduce my energy and the way I work with astrology to you. If you'd like to connect in person and have your questions answered directly, please do not hesitate to call. Schedule your call here.

My year long consultation with Megan was incredibly insightful! Megan has a very compassionate, open-hearted personality with the attitude of a personal coach. I learned so much about astrology and how it impacts my psychology. The information Megan taught me has allowed me to be more self-aware and understanding about how I operate and process information. It has also helped me become more considerate and intentional about the choices I make for myself and how they impact my relationships. I've continued to consult Megan on occasion and I've always been very pleased with her planetary discoveries within my chart. The information she provides is always something that I can grow from and and use on the daily basis.
Nena W.