Dream Yourself Awake: A Personalized Yoga Nidra Practice

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“A dream is a sophisticated, imaginative text that you send to yourself each night...a dream that has not been interpreted is like a letter unopened.” (John O’Donohue)


There are many dreams in this world. We have night dreams, we have day dreams and we also have hopes, goals and aspirations. A goal or aspiration begins when the waking state and the dreaming state become one. That’s why they call it a dream. Our dreams guide us and urge us, helping us move towards our true nature. Through a continued practice of Yoga Nidra, we can fully access our dreams and all that they offer in the manifestation of our highest being. By practicing in the position of Savasana (lying on the back) one can allow the body to surrender and release resistance of the body, mind and spirit. Here, the fertile soil of the subconscious mind can be nurtured with a seed of intention to grow and expand into waking consciousness.

Yoga Nidra is a practice that maintains presence of mind while the body journeys further into deeper states of relaxation. It allows the practitioner to oscillate between Alpha (right before falling asleep) and Theta (dream state) brain waves through the art of listening. Presence within the practice is maintained by listening to guided instructions such as creating a resolve, rotation of awareness through the body, opposing sensations, image visualizations, focusing on Chidakasha (the inner space of the third eye), and more. Through a consistent practice of these visualizations and focused movement of energy, one can cleanse their karma (current, accumulated and destiny) & access the different areas of consciousness.

There are many levels to Yoga Nidra that can be tailored for an individual to help focus the benefits towards specific ailments/dis-ease of the body as well as guide manifestation of an intention such as emotional release, shift in perception, new awareness of consciousness, etc. As the saying implies “Where the mind goes, the body will follow.”

A Personalized Yoga Nidra Practice Includes:

  • A Discovery Call with Lyz
  • Questionnaire via email
  • Personalized Recorded Yoga Nidra Session (1 hr)
  • Condensed Yoga Nidra Script
  • Personalized Stretches/Asana to do before practice
  • Personalized Calendar with short Journal Reflections/Integrations
  • Individualized support & 3 Monthly check-ins

A questionnaire will be sent via email after a preliminary discovery call to check in and connect. This questionnaire will help provide information about where you are physically, energetically, mentally, and spiritually and highlight areas of concern or areas of desired improvement. This will be taken into consideration to help focus the practice and guide the appropriate visualizations. Within 1 week of the completed questionnaire, you will be sent a recorded Yoga Nidra session that is personalized for the maximum benefits of your desired intention. Along with the recorded session, you will be given several stretches/yoga poses to help assist the physical body into relaxation prior to the practice. A condensed Yoga Nidra Script will also be provided to guide you through a shortened practice or cat nap (~12 min) if time does not allow for a full practice, or for a much needed break at work.

It is recommended to practice Yoga Nidra daily (or as often as you can) for a few months. Often in this world of fast progression, it may prove difficult to see relaxation as an integral part of daily health instead of just a luxury. To assist maintaining a continued routine and provide reflection of the practice, a calendar will be designed with short writing prompts to help with integration into the waking state. After 3 months of practice, there will be an opportunity for a re-evaluation of the recording and any adjustments that are needed for continued practice.

Please CLICK HERE to schedule an introductory call with Lyz to ask any questions or concerns about this package. You may also use this link to schedule your free discovery call after purchase.