Coloring the Story of your Chart: Astrology Consultations

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All of life is comprised of the same stardust, with the same energetic architecture woven underneath. How that energy is expressed and manifested through each one of us however, is completely unique! You were brought into this life to shine and share that uniqueness through its most evolved state. Working with and understanding your birth chart is the key to help you unlock your highest potential.

Think of the energy in your birth chart like a paint set. Some of colors we may have way more of than others; some may be a little darker or lighter in their shades; and for other colors, it may feel like they are non existent. But we do have a full set of colors within us. It's how we use our set, how we mix our colors, that gives us endless possibilities, and how we can ultimately become the conscious artist of our lives.

Astrology is a language of nature, revealing the patterns and cycles all of life operates within. Use your senses, and adjust your perception to see the beauty in everything around you! Open your eyes to the magic that is your own true nature.

These consultations are meant to bring guidance, clarity, validation, and a deeper understanding of yourself, your life path, and your place within nature. They are structured in such a way to teach you the foundations of your natal chart so you can continue to work with it on your own moving forward if you so choose.

These consultations are not for those who are looking for a set of direct answers from a fortune teller. These sessions will not tell inform of who you are and who you aren’t (that's for you to decide). These consultations are meant for those who are interested in sharing their story and overlay the story of astrology on top of it to see the patterns for themselves. These sessions are a co-creative process where we work together to unfold the root patterns and underlying energies at play within your life. We’ll work on ways that you can better cultivate relationships with these energies in your life and evolve them into their highest manifestation.

In the session we will cover:

  • Basic layout and components that make of the birth chart.
  • Discuss Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Chiron, and Nodes of the Moon - what they mean in general and how they relate to you specifically.
  • Talk about prominent planetary transit's happening currently.
  • Work with current themes going on in your life and finding the root of the issues within the birth chart - discussing ways to work with them and learning ways to manifest that root energy in a way that feels more productive to you.
  • Go over a few practical ways you can work with the themes of astrology and your chart specifically in a grounded and tangible way in your everyday life.
  • The after consultation support includes: free email check ins with any questions that come up over the months following the session; discounted follow up consultations.

    Time: 2 hour session

    Sessions can be done in person if local, or as a phone call or Zoom video call.

    *Couple's consultations and newborn chart write ups can be done as well. Please email me through the contact us icon on bottom right page for more information on these types of services.

    "I’ve really enjoyed my readings with Megan. She thoroughly explains astrology’s concepts in a clear and approachable way. There is so much to this beautiful alchemy of art and science and Megan is able to articulate that balance and show you how it all pertains to YOU, in the here and now. A reading with Megan is fun, informative and will leave you feeling both grounded about your chart and excited about how to make the most of it!"
    Carol L.