Megan Ryan Walsh

An artist striving to enrich the embodied experience.

There is definitely a distinct moment in time when my life path shifted and seemed to accelerate me in the direction of long awaited soul growth. It’s been quite a curious discovery, witnessing my whole life shift in alignment around me as I began the necessary growth work of healing my inner wounds. As once dormant parts of myself began waking up, a new vision of my future began to unfold, revealing a path that held the familiarity of walking back home. 

Everyone's healing story is different and I'm grateful for the many different colors that have made up mine so far.

I've been dancing for pretty much every year that I've been alive. Training under my mentor, Mike Gosney, and dancing professionally with Elements Ballet for 11 years has given me an appreciation and language for expressing my complex inner world through movement. 

My studies as a student with the School of Evolutionary Herbalism and apprenticing with Astrologer Tyler Penor, introduced me to the healing medicine of the natural world. Astrology changed my life, giving me a new lens of seeing the world around me and allowing me to understand my own psyche and rhythms in ways I never thought possible. I still consider myself a student on the plant path. The work of cultivating meaningful relationships with plant allies continues to ground my spirituality and connects me back to an ancestral wisdom that feels so necessary.

My love for drawing mandalas has proven to be an incredibly healing and evolving therapy. The act of unconsciously extracting an image from the invisible world and giving it a form on paper brings so much clarity for what's going on inside of me and, as a reflection, brings more structure into all aspects of my life.

Coming back to the things that enchanted me as a child surprisingly continues to teach me about coming into my authenticity and responsibility as an adult.

I consider all these things, and many more, lovely pieces of what bring me healing. Observing the underlying connecting threads between them all makes them that much more meaningful.

I'm not always sure of where I'm going or what I'm doing next. I'm simply entranced by the beauty of the world we live in and all of the amazing things that make us so unique (and a little wacky)! I generally move about my life following the things that make my heart happy. I'm a Sagittarius; I can't help but love this mysterious journey we're on and, in turn, I have a strong desire to share this magical perspective with everyone.

​At the end of the day, I'm not any more of a healer than the next person. I'd like to think of myself as a vessel. I’m here to assist people with their own healing, in anyway I can. My hope is to help people find their heart, their truth and story, and the inner artistry we all have within us to create a truly magical life. 

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