Everyday Mindfulness Workshop Series

A workshop series focused on different levels of meditation/awareness and providing techniques to incorporate mindfulness into everyday living. This category includes Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga / psychic sleep).

5 Part Meditation Series

Class 1 (Introduction to Meditation): This is the first class in our Everyday Mindfulness Workshop Series as an introduction to those wishing to bring mindfulness into their life.  This is a workshop aimed for beginners but can be used to help anyone develop (or get back to) the habit of meditation. Meditation is often seen as a to-do instead of part of our daily routine. We will be putting into practice three basic ways of coming back to the present moment as well as discussing ways to incorporate mindfulness into our everyday lives.

Class 2 (Body Awareness): The is the second workshop in the Everyday Mindfulness Series. Here we will be getting in touch with our bodies and learn how to sync the body and mind using a variety of breathing techniques. Connecting with our bodies can also help ground us, allowing us to feel more at home in ourselves. We will also use Mudras (symbolic hand gestures) to help achieve or release certain emotions and feelings. All with discussing ways to incorporate body awareness into our everyday lives.

Class 3 (Sound Therapy and Mantras): After we have a solid meditative foundation, we can begin to add tools to help achieve an even deeper state of awareness. Sound and Mantras (a word or sound repeated) can aid our concentration in meditation and have been used for thousands of years.During this workshop we will be touching on different methods to get in tune with our sense of sound. We will also experiment with using our voice through toning and several different chants. Our voice is a huge part of communicating our feelings and emotions, which in turn, can better connect us with those around us.

Class 4 (Color Therapy and The Chakras): We established a meditative base, tuned into our body awareness and used the vibration of sound. This next workshop in the series will be touching on colors and how to use them to help you get more in tune with the visual world around you. Certain colors elicit certain emotional responses and can be used with what we wear, how we decorate our home as well as in meditation. We will be experimenting with different colors and discussing how we can use them to help us find balance and peace in our everyday lives. We will also be discussing the Chakras of the body, and each of their correlating colors to bring everything we have learned so far together.

Class 5 (Mindfulness in a Community): The past workshops have focused primarily on bringing mindfulness into YOUR personal everyday life. But part of being conscious is bringing that mindfulness into OUR communities and even our own families.  This workshop includes practices for maintaining a meditative state of mind as we converse with others and explores accessing our hearts when it comes to interacting with strangers. At the end of the workshop, there will be a group meditation to connect with Earth and the Universe and help bring a sense of unity to the space around us. There will also be time to check in, ask questions or share experiences about meditative practices from any of the workshops.

Yoga Nidra Workshop

Yoga Nidra is a restorative and cleansing practice that brings into harmony: 

  • The body through relaxation and sleep (where the body repairs itself).
  • The mind through guided instructions that assist the brain to make new connections (neuroplasticity).
  • The spirit through allowing one to cleanse their karma (current, accumulated and destiny) & access different levels of consciousness to aid in the manifestation of our highest being.

In the relaxed state of sensory withdrawal of the practice, the practitioner becomes increasingly aware of their own inner world. During this workshop, we will explore the several layers of Yoga Nidra, and experience a short version and a longer version of the practice. Yoga Nidra has also been used to aid in the reduction of tension, stress and anxiety. The autonomic symptoms of high anxiety such as headache, giddiness, chest pain, palpitations, sweating and abdominal pain also respond well to the practice.