Lyz Krieger

A lighthouse holding space to search for answers of truth and honesty, with comfort in knowing you have a connection home if ever lost at sea.

Lyz earned her degree in Psychology with a focus in Cognitive Neuroscience at Northeastern Illinois University. She expanded her research to various relaxation techniques and their effects on stress and related dis-ease. Yoga Nidra and Reiki are her primary areas of expertise but she draws from other modalities in her practice including Writing & Art Therapy, Trauma-Informed Care, Dream Study and Crystal Healing.

But who am I really? You know, it is hard to answer a question that I ask myself on the daily. The only answer that remains consistent is that “I am”. There is not one thing that I am. I simply am - ever changing, ever evolving, learning and growing from each new cycle. I have moved from Dancer, Psychologist, Artist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Healer, aspiring Shaman, Yoga Nidra Teacher, and Writer. Each label has identified my persona at some point in time. Not any one of them is me. 

The world is so large and there are so many things that I yearn to learn and make a part of myself. You could say I am a craftswoman with a belt full of tools, whatever is needed for certain projects, keeping an eye for the next tool that will change my life or shift my perspective. All of these experiences and paths are only one part of the vast being which I call “myself”. They guided me to a greater understanding; that every one of us has the power to change ourselves and in turn change the world around us.

​Each label holds a story and stories are what really move us as a species. It is how we learned the ways of life passed down from our ancestors, as well as how we share our own experiences and life lessons. Think about it...each person has their own story and the way they tell their story is unique to only them, no two the same. Every scar is a story. Every piece of art people attach to themselves holds a tale, no matter how small.

​The world is filled with a limitless supply of stories, some rooted in reality and others found in fantasy. Regardless of origin, I find true connection in the symbols we use to communicate as well as define our very existence. I find truth in the poetry of our words and the meanings connected to the thousands of vibrations we use daily. We are all co-creators of life, writing our own stories, interweaving plot lines. So here on Inner Mandala Medicine, I am sharing pieces of my story and in turn, I hope you find the space to share yours.

Free to Be: A 21-Day Journey of Coming Home

A 21-day Writing Workshop integrating Reiki and Yoga Nidra to find your way back home and the freedom to be.

This is an integrative program designed to help you bring peace to your home environment and the home within yourself. A program to honor your true expression and the freedom in allowing yourself to simply be unapologetically you. As they say, “home is where the heart is” and once you find your heart, you will always have your home.

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"...And pages are journeys we read like palms and lines disappearing into the past, ​lines that vibrate against the mind, that strum across our skin: melodies, rhythms falling back through time, reaching us from a deep place...​these books are what remain of the soul, the blueprints of Man and Woman, and when we read we are breathing life back into life, ​connecting the past with the present, releasing the spirit."

-Adam Chiles