Crystal Exploration Workshop Series

A workshop series focused on the utilization of crystals in various qualities while increasing one’s sensitivity to minerals and their teachings.

Creating a Personal Crystal Mandala

Design a crystal mandala for personal healing. A step-by-step instruction on picking and deciphering crystals for each of the following categories of the personal crystal mandala: personal, wealth, astrological, relaxation, healing, elemental, love, success, protection, and meditation. Learn how to interpret mandala's colors and the healing properties of each. Learn how to energize crystal mandala, how to use it for cleansing environment and aura, as well as rejuvenate sense of personal power.

Introduction to Crystals and Crystal Healing

101: This class acts as a foundation of knowledge for your journey with healing crystals and stones. Topics covered in the class include how crystals work for healing, how crystals form, a  brief history of crystal healing, an introduction to crystal systems, a description of crystal shapes, a brief discussion of traditional color healing properties, guidance on selecting crystals, things to consider when purchasing crystals, how to cleanse stones, crystal charging,  programming your stones, proper methods of storing crystals, an introduction to common stones and their associated properties, crystal and astrological correspondences, birth stones, crystal and elemental correspondences

102: An even more in depth exploration of crystals. Topics include crystal and planetary correspondences, numerological crystal correspondences, crystal changes, Chakra & Aura scanning techniques, methods of Clearing Cords and connections from Chakras, Aura combing and cleansing, repairing energy leaks and blockages, an introduction to Laser Wands (use and handling), how to safely create and use crystal and gemstone elixirs and essences, an introduction to meditation with crystals (including Earth Healing Meditation, and crystal journeying), methods for programming stones with color energy.

Sensing Subtle Energies - Using a Pendulum and Other Methods

In this class, we will explore techniques for enhancing your ability to perceive subtle energy. Topics covered will include a brief introduction to discovering your sending and receiving hands, developing hand sensitivity with crystals, methods of aura scanning, using pendulums to detect energy (of stones and chakras), practice intuiting stone type and color, an introduction to the crystal breath exercise, techniques for aura seeing, practice detecting energy changes in programmed stones, a crystal journey for intuitively discovering the properties of a crystal of your choice, and exercises for sensing crystals within your energy field. A crystal of your choice will be used for a crystal journey meditation.

Introduction to Crystal Grids

In this class, you will learn the basics of creating and using crystal grids. Topics covered will include an introduction to the purpose of crystal grids, a brief introduction to sacred geometry, step-by-step instructions for creating custom crystal grids (for a wide variety of purposes such as love, grounding, connecting with guides, prosperity, protection, manifesting, spiritual ascension, meditation, healing, etc.), creating crystal grids according to the principles of feng shui or the medicine wheel, creating elemental or planetary grids, creating grids for sacred space (to create a place of personal power, healing, or re-charging as well as for cleansing and purification), crystal grid activation techniques and methods for attuning other crystals or stones to the energy of your grid.

It is possible to do a follow up class for this which would be more advanced work with using crystal grids to create  dimensional doorways, utilizing primary & secondary grid energies, techniques for using your grid to tap into the crystalline grid of the Earth, and instruction for creating intuitive grids utilizing a pendulum.

Chakra Healing with Crystals & Stones

In this class, we will explore techniques for utilizing crystals in chakra healing and balancing. Topics covered will include a brief introduction to the seven physical chakras as well as to the minor (emotional) chakras including location and attributes, a brief introduction to chakra/color/crystal correspondences, techniques for performing basic chakra crystal layouts for activation and balancing, techniques for strengthening chakra energy utilizing crystals, and crystal chakra visualization and meditation techniques.

Emotional Healing with Crystals & Stones

In this class, we will explore techniques for clearing and releasing energy blockages from within the emotional body. Topics covered in the course will include how crystals affect emotions, crystal techniques to treat anger and depression, a crystal forgiveness exercise, crystal techniques to open the heart chakra, methods for emotional grounding and releasing suppressed emotions, calming the emotional body with the Heart Chakra Layout, healing the emotional body with the Energy Net Layout, a method for healing the emotional body with a Rose Quartz bath, an emotional balance technique using Rose Quartz and Blue Lace Agate, an exercise for healing the inner child, and a Rose Quartz visualization exercise to repair damage caused by emotional trauma.