Artistic Expression Workshop Series

A workshop series focused on bringing the inner artist to the surface and the exploration of our truest expression.

Illumination of the Emotional Body

A workshop using art therapy to identify certain emotional triggers/wounds in different areas of the body. This workshop utilizes artistic expression of emotions through images, words and colors. Then given tools to shift those emotions to become more aligned within the individual, and find a deeper understanding of their purpose.

Each person will be given a piece of paper to trace an outline of their body (with help) onto. Circles will then be drawn at various points on the paper (Chakras: Major & some Minor, places of injury/ailment, or anywhere that is intuitively felt). The workshop ends with a meditation to find acceptance in the emotions that became present during the artistic expression and ultimately release them.

Earth Class: Stretch & Stabilize

This is not your typical stretch class. This is active stretching. Stretching is really only beneficial when the range of movement can be stabilized by the muscular structure of the body. Using alignment techniques and micro adjustments, we can actively stretch the body to gain a wider range of motion with strength. 

Water Class: Emotional Exploration through Movement

A guided improvisational class that allows the participants to work through and build their movement vocabulary, increasing their range of emotional expression through the physical body. With a mix of both structure and freedom, this class invites playing with the contrast of directed intentional movement, and wild instinctual movement.

This class offers the individual the safety and space for the vulnerable process of self-exploration and growth. While at the same time, this practice asks to maintain the integrity of the space as a whole - bringing the participant's attention to the energy that is being created and left on the collective dance floor through conscious observation and inspiration of fellow students. We will also play with contact through non-verbal communication and storytelling with others.

All levels of dance welcome. Water class is a safe, judgement free zone for the processing and expression of emotions through our physical body.

Finding Your Creative Power with Crystals & Astrology

We all have a creative fire inside of our heart waiting to be expressed. This workshop will look into working with the cycles of nature through Astrology and utilizing the guidance of crystals and stones to help us connect deeper with our own nature. This workshop includes a short lecture on the archetypes within Astrology and the reflection of their energies within ourselves and the world around us. We will help you find your Sun, Moon and Rising sign and discover the corresponding crystals to help you connect further with the energies of those signs. You will be guided through a meditation utilizing a Zodiac Crystal Mandala Grid to dive deep into a space of openness and playfulness to bring out your true creative spirit. Once in that space, you will have the freedom to express that spirit through reflective coloring of a Zodiac Mandala of your choice. From this experience, you will learn the path to accessing the inner knowledge and creative power that lies within. Through understanding the cycles of nature, you will learn to recognize the inner cycles working within your own self and tap into the full power of a co-creator. By understanding the paint set you can understand how to use the colors to create your own picture.