We teach many workshops here at Inner Mandala Medicine. Each one a stepping stone in our own personal journey so profound that we can't help but share. 

If you are in the Mt. Shasta area, head over to our Community Page to learn about the workshops we will be teaching here. 

If you are a space holder (someone who loves to share and hold space for people) and you would like us to come to your venue to host a workshop, please send us a message through the "contact us" tab near the bottom of your browser.

Below we have grouped our workshops into series for your convenience. 

  • Everyday Mindfulness Workshop Series: focuses on different levels of awareness and providing techniques to incorporate mindfulness into everyday living. This category includes Yoga Nidra.
  • Artistic Expression Workshop Series: focuses on bringing the inner artist to the surface and the exploration of our truest expression.
  • Crystal Exploration Workshop Series: focuses on the utilization of crystals in various qualities while increasing one’s sensitivity to minerals and their teachings.