So much of the language of astrology is misunderstood today, either too “out there” for some folks, or too confusing and overwhelming for others. My work and passion with astrology is to share the simplicity, tangibility, practicality, and beauty within this forgotten language of nature. Coming to understand the truth behind astrology and opening up to the wisdom within its teachings, brought so much meaning and direction into my life. That’s why I turned around and began sharing the teachings of astrology to others - to show all of the magic and meaning that can be invited into your life as well.

These products and services are not for those who are looking for fortune telling. But rather, these services are for the individual who is looking to learn more about the cycles of nature and how they can work with that reflection within themselves in order to bring more harmony and clarity into their life. Astrology is a beautiful tool for self-reflection and self-evolution that brings us into a deeper connection with the rhythms of the natural world.


To learn more about my energy and my work with astrology, I offer a free 30 min Discovery Call to introduce myself to you. If you'd like to connect in person and have questions answered directly, or to see which astrology service is right for you, please don't hesitate to reach out. Schedule your call here.