What is Meditation?

Meditation itself is a fairly simple concept, an act of “being” you could say. Though meditation can be seen as the path to enlightenment, that is an incomplete portrayal of its true essence. Mediation is the practice of coming back to the present moment over and over. As this habit grows, it will allow us to reach a higher state of awareness. When we can live in the present moment in every thing that we do, that is when we become a truly “enlightened” being. 

In life there will be high times and low times, just the nature of things. You cannot have one without the other, similar to you cannot have yin without yang or life without death. We are often drawn to meditation in the low times, when we feel like crap, to help alleviate our pain and suffering. Meditation is not just a tool to be used to medicate yourself when you are at a low point, it is about creating the habit of awareness into your state of being. It is actually most critical to meditate when you feel good as it builds this tool or habit of staying in the present moment when it is the hardest to do so (ie: when you are upset, angry, depressed, etc). Just because we will go through the inevitable low points in our life, does not mean we have to suffer through them. Instead learn from them, use them to help you grow on this journey we call life. The more we become attuned to our own energies and thought patterns, the more we can live through heart center and gain the ability to handle all the hardships and challenges that face us.

There are many external tools that can be used to help assist the practice of meditation as sitting in silence on a chair or cushion will not work for everyone. We are all attuned to different senses (taste, touch, sound, sight, smell, thought) in varying degrees ie: some prefer to listen to music in meditation while some prefer silence. We can use these tools to help train our minds to live in the moment. 

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