What Are We Protecting?

We as humans have this tendency to protect the heart because that is the most vulnerable part of us, the most tender. Because of this tenderness, we often feel the need to build a wall around it in order to protect it. We can go so far as to protect it from even ourselves. The more we feel the need to shield ourselves from pain and suffering, the more roadblocks we set that impedes us on our path to our higher selves. ​​​

We have this innate fear to go into the depths of who we are and into our hearts for fear to see the true us. Once we are able to let go of this fear, we begin to come from a place of compassion, not only for others but for ourselves as well. We realize that the mistakes we make are only to help us learn and grow.

The deeper we connect with our true self, the more we connect to universal life force energy, as they are one in the same. We often learn that we must open ourselves to the positive vibrations of the world but to shield or protect ourselves from the negative. If we are truly living in a non-dualistic mind and foregoing all labels, then how are we to tell what is positive and what is negative. Letting go of the need to classify enables us to come from that place of compassion instead of a place of fear or worry. We can transmute energy into anything in this place yet, it is our ego that continues to label.

True protection comes from our hara, our grounding center. Staying connected to our spirit and to the Earth is the best form of protection. Our hara is our infinite fire that burns within us, taking its fuel from the core of this planet we call home. This allows us to extend our roots to the very center of our consciousness or awareness. It brings us into a state of harmony within this dense “reality”. Only then can we grow to become our higher self, connecting to Heaven. To truly live through openness or oneness of our hearts, we must come from this center of honesty.

Every life on this planet is moving and transmuting even at a microscopic level. Like Kundalini we aim to bring this grounding force that supports us, to higher levels within us to reach Nirvana or Enlightenment. But only when there is a stable and secure base can movement occur within us. Only then can we make enough space to open ourselves to all energy around us and to this infinite source of universal life force energy.

Similar to cleaning out a closet, we keep shoving stuff away until we conclude that we have no more room left and the door should remain closed. Slowly the closet remains forgotten just barely on the brink of our consciousness. Deep down we know what lies in there (fear, worry, anxiety, pain etc) and we prefer to ignore them. It’s only once we open the door wide open and everything tumbles down around us that we realize how much space we really have. Meditation, Yoga and other spiritual practices are ways to help clean out the closet regularly to help keep the space open within ourselves. We are able to let go of things that do not serve us and allow for more room to accept things that can be beneficial and healing.

Fear, anger and worry tend to be what takes up the most space within us because we feel as though this is how we protect ourselves. As we continue to store these emotions within us, the pressure builds upon the door that keeps it all stored away. As we become triggered, our ego takes over and the lock on that door begins to weaken until all of sudden it’s like a blackout. We sit in a seat of awareness and witness ourselves reacting to the situation. We know deep down that we are acting irrationally but we have no control as the ego encourages us, validating our response. It is only when everything is released and everything has fallen before us that we realize how good it felt to set it all free. This could be considered one way of dealing with the build up but there is always the embarrassment of our actions that follows this event of releasing, along with the disappointment with ourselves.

To truly heal our heart and reach the place of our true self, we must keep space within so that this movement of energy can continue to occur. Otherwise we are doomed to carry the burden of our emotions that only take up space, weighting us down. The more we clean out the closet, the less time it takes to do. The more we meditate or take time for exploring our inner depths, the more we are able to stay grounded and centered in our interactions with the external world. Only then can we truly begin to heal ourselves and take movement towards becoming one with all that is and become our true self.

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