We Are Earth Embodied

To heal the Earth we must heal ourselves for we are Earth embodied. The same way the Earth nourishes itself is in the same way we can nourish our Self. Think about it, the Earth is mostly made up of water, so are we. The Earth’s core and sun (also a symbol for the core) heats the water on the surface which then evaporates, rising to the sky or Heaven, where it condenses turning into the rain that falls back down as an essential nutrient for life. We then take what we need and the rest returns to its original state so that the cycle may begin again. It is a constant renewal of giving and receiving.  We are the macrocosm working at the microcosm (eg. fractals).

It is because of this likeness that the more we distance ourselves from nature the more we distance from our true Self. We try to differentiate ourselves from nature and evolve past it, but we only move closer towards disconnect. When we separate from this planet, we separate from the energies that we embody.  This Earth can be a great teacher for us if we choose to listen, as it has provided us with everything we need to thrive. Whether we focus on healing the Earth or healing our Self, realize that we are one in the same. Think of the difference we could make just by being who we are. They say that home is where the heart is and if our heart is connected with this Earth, then the entire world can be our home.

​We are stillness with movement. Like a stream in the woods, there is a certain calming or slowing effect in the constant running water. As we connect our centers of Earth, Heaven and Oneness, we create a flow within us similar to the flow that of the Earth. The more movement or flow we have between these centers, the closer we become to a sense a stillness or centered-ness (not to be confused with being stagnant). We are able to adapt and change, which is how we evolve and grow, but our core essence (our true self) remains the same. Nature reflects our own inherent stillness and when we find our stillness, the universe opens all its “secrets” to us. It allows us to understand all the complexities of the universe without expending energy trying to label it. We are then able to see and find the path that harmonizes with our heart’s desires.

The act of being is often lost in the act of doing. We define so much of who we are by what we do, and lose sight that this act can change the vibration around us. This stillness brought about by simply being allows us to open ourselves to all that is. Often when we meditate all of our aches, pains, conflicts and qualms arise to help us either let them go or allow us to find insight into them (to a seat of awareness). It is a sort of cleansing process that brings our attention to the things we need to deal with.

We all have a great light shining within us that over time, due to stress and anxiety, has become muted or dull. We use shades in order to protect or hide our light but this only draws more attention to the shade rather than to the light. We then have one of two options. We may either explore how to remove or release the darkness or we can let it multiply until we forget that there is a light in there to begin with. 

Once we live through our hearts, our attention is brought to the weight we carry, weighing us down, dulling us. When we bring our awareness to this, we then have the choice to remove it. In this way we can shed what does not serve us becoming lighter as in brighter and weightless. It all starts with finding that stillness to allow us to see the disturbances causing us turmoil and to give space so that they may be removed, releasing us from its weight.  To find that stillness it all begins with connecting to Earth and the Earth within our Self for we are Earth embodied. 

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Stuart Smith

I love how you explain my lifestyle of being one connected with the earth.

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