Virgo: Finding Sacredness in the Human Experience

Virgo, the second Mandala in my journey through the signs. And what a challenge this one was. Personally, Virgo energy is not something that comes naturally to me. I have a much easier time dwelling in the magical dreamland that is Pisces, all the way at the other end of the spectrum. Which is probably why that this Virgo season has been a slightly more challenging one for me. But, like all things in life that are difficult, it’s a learning experience.

I can say that I have definitely learned a lot about myself, and have come to a much deeper understanding of Virgo’s energy and teachings, and how to balance it out with its polarity. I was really happy with how the Mandala itself itself turned out, and how it expresses the concepts and themes of Virgo.

As a part of my contemplative process, I like to carry the drawing with me most places I go. A couple days ago, I brought it into the kitchen with me while I was cooking. Now, just to give you a more clear picture, of what a kitchen looks like from someone who absolutely loves to cook, but does not do Virgo very well…it’s pretty much always in a constant state of “needs to be cleaned.” Most things that accompany me into the kitchen, like my clothes for example, come out dirtier than when they entered. So, I shouldn’t have been too surprised that when I brought the paper in with me, I absentmindedly placed it down on a wet counter. Water stains seeped through the page, blending and blurring together some of the perfectly straight and orderly Virgo edges. At first, I was crazy upset! My first instinct was to redo it, (which I am still going to do) but, after some reflection, I decided to keep this as the original and share this one with you. It was actually quite a fitting representation of what Virgo represents, and more so what means to me, and how it operates in my own life.

So, please forgive imperfect lines. I did try, and it was my every intention and focus throughout this whole process. But at the end of the day, I’m never gonna get Virgo down perfectly. It’s just not in the cards for me. And that’s ok. As long as I am constantly making the effort to work at it and learn from it each day, that’s all I can do. And to be honest, Virgo herself never even reaches true perfection.

When that first new energetic awareness is sparked, is created in Aries, it travels out and away from that place of Universal Oneness, and moves towards a place of separation. Once it reaches that peak, it begins its journey back to the Source. That is what the zodiac wheel is, the manifestation cycle and the evolution of all things. That is the constant back and forth dance that all energy, all life is playing. So what do we gain from this cyclical dance? In order to fully know ourselves, we have to experience ourselves in the myriad of choices and lifetimes that are possible in this realm. It’s a part of our learning journey, coming out into this physical realm, to be human and experience that division and chaos from living in a world that seems so disconnected on the surface. There is much beauty in that. Because we are here in this lifetime to remember who we are, we are birthed into this world with the illusion of separateness. We operate under the mindset that reality is only what our limited senses can know. It’s easy to get stuck in that way of thinking, to live your whole life thinking this is all there is. That’s why self healing work is so hard. Coming back home to yourself wouldn’t be as worthwhile if it wasn’t challenging, and why it usually takes a whole lifetime to do it. But if you stay stuck in the veil of division, then you are not letting life force continue its natural flow through the cycle. It needs to continue its journey back inward.

Virgo, is very much representative of the human experience. The transition from Virgo to Libra (the other) is the peak of that separation from Source. Virgo is the last sign of the bottom half of the wheel, once the energy transitions in Libra, it is beginning its journey back inward, returning to the Source, traveling back in the direction of seeking it’s wholeness once again. The direction of the energy is still moving away from Source in Virgo, and it’s the farthest away, that is why Virgo is all about the chaos, the mess, all the little details and bits and pieces that make up life here on earth. Virgo is very aware of her brokenness, that is why she is the sign of healing. She sees all the disconnection and division in the world, and all she wants to do is fix and make sense of it all. Virgo is all about putting the pieces of the puzzle back together. It’s mutable earth, being able to adjust and mend all the pieces in anyway we want to. We use Virgo in ourselves to organize and put our life together in a way that makes sense to us. It’s a much needed mode of energetics to operate within.

Without Virgo’s attention to detail, ability to compartmentalize and organize, it would be extremely difficult to function in the human realm. At the end of the day, we live on earth, and there are certain rules and things we just have to do to get by and survive on a day to day basis. Giving yourself some sort of structure and routine in your daily life, is extremely beneficial. Having the ability to get all the necessary details, all the things that we “have” to do, done in the most efficient way possible, makes it easier to go out and really enjoy life. Like all Earth signs, Virgo is helping to contain and hold us together in the physical, giving us some guidelines and rules to live by.

Continuing through the evolution of the cycle, we are coming from the sign of Leo. In this stage we have discovered who we are, found our heart, our light and our love. Virgo then, is the sign that is here to make that light fit and work practically in this world. How can we shine our light in the way we want to? How can we contain it, and use it here on earth, in service to the earth and others? Virgo wants our light to shine, so she’ll work with our heart’s desires, and get to work figuring out all the ways it can practically operate on a day to day basis. A part of the human experience is learning to find our routine, our flow, and how to keep that heart centered awareness in our everyday life.

We are all different, we all have a different vision of what we want our daily routine and life to look like, one that fits with our heart. Working with Virgo is working to create that for ourselves. Because life is chaotic, and there are certain mundane tasks we have to do in order to get the life we want. It’s all apart of our earthly foundation: our daily routine, our health, the state of our physical body, and how we are of service to others. Virgo wants to make sure that all those little details of the daily grind are all in place and taken care of, so we can function everyday. Living through our hearts in a practical way and useful way.

To really see all of Virgo, we need to look towards her polarity point, Pisces. If Virgo is our physical healing, Pisces is our spiritual healing, the source of our love and connection to all things. While we need Virgo and all that she has to offer, we cannot to get too caught up the division and details, the “there’s a right place for everything and everything in its place” mentality. Virgo may always strive for perfection, but she can never attain it. Why? Because we will never find perfection in separation. Perfection comes from completing the cycle, and returning back to that Source of all things, Love. We need to always remember where we can from, and where we are constantly moving back towards. It’s seeing that connectedness, finding God in all things, everyday and in everything we do, that is our healing. We need to have the constant balance between spirituality and earthly life. Finding the sacredness in being human. When we can bridge those two, seemly opposite ways of thinking, that’s when true healing can begin. By doing that, we can start to see our planet, Mother Earth, and our own earthly bodies, as the holy vessels they are, the containers for our Spirit. Maybe then, when we can see the divinity flowing throughout all of life, maybe then we will want to stop destroying and polluting our bodies and our Earth. Maybe then we will realize that when we worship and respect our humaneness and Mother Earth, this human experience will provide for us with everything we need and then some.

Life can be hard. It’s so easy to get caught in the mentality of division and separation. If we can just take the time to start changing our filter, to see the connection between things, that’s when life becomes a little easier, and more magical and meaningful. That’s what being Spiritual is all about. And that’s the healing journey.

One Love <3

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