Uranus in Taurus

May 15th, 2018 - April 25th, 2026

Uranus is the planet of collective awakenings. He reflects the aspect within all of us that has a need for change and evolution, with a strong, goal-oriented drive towards the future.

It’s evolution that stems from the outdated, unproductive, and inefficient status quo. In the interest of moving humanity forward in more alignment with our universal truth, a need for breaking down old societal structures and implementing new ones becomes apparent.

On a more personal note though, he represents our uniqueness, our individual manifestation of the divine. Uranus allows us to turn our inner awareness towards the wider net of consciousness, and then transmit our insights, realizations, and breakthroughs back into this plane of reality in a unique way. By embodying this archetype, we step into our individuality, we connect to our special gifts that are bigger than ourselves that bring about a lasting change and impact to the world.

Since he representative of the idea of the collective, we tend to feel his effects and movements on a more global scale. Any time he enters a new sign it is quite significant because this change is meant to affect the path humanity is traveling. If we are listening, Uranus’s shift will lead us back into our alignment, bringing us into our greatest potential as a species, and awakening us back into our higher selves, collectively. 

So what are we to expect now that Uranus has entered Taurus? How can we use this cosmic force intentionally to promote, contribute, and assist in this evolution?

Uranus is about to give us a major shock, forcing us to wake up to all things Taurus, and I think we are already beginning to see and feel this awakening happening. 

Taurus represents the Earth itself, this giant planet floating through space that we inhabit. Most of us are beginning to realize that we are not treating this entity with the respect it deserves. Mama Earth is not too pleased, and we are going to start to see her unhappiness with our behaviors. We’ve already been seeing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as of late, and this is a perfect embodiment of Uranian electricity coming through the Earth itself. We've gone too far in our abuse of our Mother, and in order to wake the larger population up, we literally might need to feel our planet shake, crumble, and erupt beneath us. Maybe then we'll realize that this planet is our only home and we need to take better care of it. 

Taurus represents our resources, which the Earth happily provides us in abundance and diversity, and yet we are completely taking advantage of them and using them irresponsibly. We are using resources that are unsustainable, adopting an excessiveness that drives them to extinction. We aren’t thinking about future generations in our use of our Earthly resources, and Uranus is not a fan of the closed off perspective. 

Another side to this is our money. We have so much “wealth” out there, but what are we spending it on? We absolutely have the wealth and the technology to make substantial changes for the betterment of our species, and it's about time we see that. Again, the people in control of the wealth are not using it responsibly. And I think we can all feel the dramatic shifts that are coming in our financial system. 

Taurus is our food and our farming practices. Our relationship to our food has become so disconnected and an overhaul in the way we are cultivating and providing food on a massive scale is long overdue. We are already seeing these changes, practices like permaculture, occur on a smaller scale, but it's time to bring that more into the mainstream.

Taurus represents our values, and Uranus in Taurus is going to ask us as a species to rethink what our collective values are. What values can we hold that promote the sustainability of the Earth for our children's future?

Uranus has a lot to do new ways of thinking. I believe that always corresponds to the “younger” generation. The Aquarian/Uranian archetype always follows the tradition and structure that Capricorn/Saturn carries. At a certain point, the elders need to hand over the keys to the next generation, that’s the natural flow of life. It becomes more disruptive if the elders have not used their time and power responsibly, which only makes us young folks angry. 

So let’s use the next 7 years for some powerful, and progressive change, and it's up to the next generation to initiate these Uranian awakenings. But let's do it with intention and wisdom. Let’s lose the destructive rebel without a cause, dismantling structures in violent ways with no productive alternative solutions. We cannot just be a destructive rebellious youth, that's not how we gain respect or instill any significant or worthwhile change. Humanity doesn't have time for childish games and egos to get in the way (that Leo opposition creeps in when Aquarius gets too out of balance). 

If you are feeling called to the cause, rise up. Embody the progressive thinker, the rebel with a cause, the humanitarian, the community organizer, the fighter for social justice, the idealist; focus all of this desire for change and betterment toward the preservation of our planet and our resources, towards technology that works with nature and betters people's lives, towards the cultivation of values that are rooted strongly in the Earth, towards providing real food and clean water to everyone, towards leaving this Earth better than we found it for future generations. 

***As always, these transits can be worked with on a much more personal level depending on where Uranus and Taurus falls in your chart, and their relationship to your chart as a whole. If you’re interesting in working with this cosmic shift in a practical way for yourself, check out your chart, message me with questions, or schedule a consultation with me***

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