Stories of the Mind, Memories of the Heart

To truly live through the goodness of our hearts, we must learn to connect Earth (our body) with Heaven (our mind). Grounding tends to be easy for us since we are Earthly creatures, it’s just a matter of remembering to do so. What is harder is releasing our dualistic mind and the labels that go along with it. ​​

As mentioned in a previous post (What Are We Protecting?), coming from a place of groundedness and honesty is essential to reaching our full potential and to embody our true self. The next step is retraining the mind and our thoughts. If we are living through our hearts, we can accept everything for what is and not get caught up in the stories created by our ego. 

Our judgments are like fantasies. A thought that is skewed by perception begins the story. It then unfolds into several other thoughts that validate the story and even encourage the tale to continue. We can go so far down the rabbit hole where the difference between reality and fantasy is no longer black and white. Our minds do have the ability to go beyond what we would consider “real” but the danger is when the ego is in the driver’s seat, when it guides the story through judgment. We can become easily lost in the stories and tales of the mind, becoming unsettled, stirring on the inside, struggling to find the peace that we so desire.

When a thought is drawn attention to, it can multiply tenfold in an instant. We become easily distracted; pain becomes more present, same with irritability. We become lost in the story of external happenings and distracted by others’ actions. The only thing we can change and be responsible for are our own thoughts; we cannot change the minds of others. Meditation allows space for us to observe our mind/thoughts yet maintain in the present moment and not get caught up in the tales of the ego. 

We are our own worst critic. As hard as we are on others to help push them to be better, we are even harder on ourselves on multiple levels. The most common is how we physically judge ourselves. As a fun exercise, try meditating looking into a mirror. Stare yourself dead in the eye and observe your thoughts. Most likely a few judgments will slip through (ie: i look tired, my hair's a mess, etc), but then observe how the thought amplifies the object of the judgement. Our eyes, nose and mouth will never change. Everything else around it will shift as we grow, but who we truly are will remain. This shifting occurs because there is power within our words and in our thoughts (Visuddha chakra). 

Where the mind goes, the body will follow. Where ever our thoughts go, that is where we put the fuel of manifestation. If we think we look tired then we will look even more tired. If we think we are energized and youthful, we will see the dark circles begin to fade. This is the power of the mind. When we release judgement upon ourselves, we let go of the confines of our dualistic mind. It is only when we stop judging ourselves can we begin to let go of judgments in others. Remember when we point a finger at someone, there are three pointing back.

There are stories of the mind that are fueled by the ego, labels and judgments. Then there are the memories of the heart which are fueled by love, forgiveness and truth. When we live through our hearts, we find the desire or want to help and heal those around us. What is dear to us remains present, and the truth will be revealed. The stories that live in our minds are fed by worry and fear. The memories in our hearts stem from pure remembrance connecting us to all that is, without the cloudiness that these emotions create. It is here in the heart that we can let go of the conflict thoughts triggered by something that we label as upsetting. We remember what is truly important and are able to forgive ourselves and others. 

As mentioned previously, if we choose to protect ourselves from what we label as negative, we limit and bind ourselves from living through our center of oneness. It is here that we can understand everything to the fullest without limiting our knowledge with a label or judgement. It is here that we can find a sense of peace and inner stillness. The more we try to make sense of something, the less we understand it. The more we try to label something, the less the label fully encompasses what we are trying to describe. We stop ourselves from accepting things as they are as soon as we try to place them in a category or give them a title. Intuitively we know and understand how the universe operates even at a microscopic level. It is when we try to label our knowledge that we create doubt of our understanding. We must have faith in ourselves because we embody universal life force energy therefore we carry the knowledge of this within us. It is only when we find stillness, are we able to listen to our hearts and all the wisdom that it holds to find the peace within.

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