Sagittarius: Perceiving the Magic

Oh, Sagittarius…. I’ll be upfront by saying I’m a bit biased with this one, since it holds a very special place in my heart, being my Sun Sign. This Mandala was extremely easy to start, with hardly any forethought or planning involved. There was very little altering or adjusting that needed to be done, no hesitation about whether it was finished or not, and I fell in love with it instantly upon completion.

Overall, there’s not too much to say about the process itself, except that it was easy. It was natural and comfortable, and felt just right at every point of the process. What can I say, I tend to feel this energy straight down to my core.

After struggling with trying to make headway on my Scorpio article, and since we had already entered Sagittarius season, I decided to start work on the new season’s Mandala. Heck, why not, right? No reason I can’t begin working on a new season’s piece before I’ve completed my work on the previous season’s article. I was unsure if that was actually the best direction to go in, but I rationalized this idea to myself anyways and began working on Sag. The warmth and hope that radiates through this archetype came as a relief after the despair I was feeling from being lost in waters of Scorpio’s emotional depths. I kept getting so down and hard on myself for not finishing the article, and it was causing a lot of confusion, struggle, and emotional turmoil in other areas of my life. And with my Solar Return (birthday) fast approaching, I was struggling to find my own inner light. I was getting lost in a vicious cycle of fear and paranoia. It wasn’t until I actually sat down and started writing this opening paragraph, that a lot of things came to light, and I was able to see the bigger picture of things as they came full circle in my mind.

Finally, I was able to hear what my Sagittarius Mandala was to trying to teach me. Not only about its place in the evolution of the signs, but also its relationship to my heart. I need to hold this energy to a bit of a higher importance when it comes to maintaining my well being. When I am not connected to it, I am not in tune with my Heart, my Light, and my Inner Fire. And when you aren’t living in tune with that heart space, you can feel lost and directionless. The Fire within is your inner guidance and compass. Take the time to honor and cherish your Sun Sign, and really sit with it often. Because when you fuel it and develop your own relationship with that force, your life and your path is lit up for you. You are not in the dark anymore, and that light shines on all other parts of yourself as well. That inner drive becomes apparent, and you have a better understanding of how to use it to work towards your purpose. Now, being a student and teacher of astrology, when working with my chart I want to develop a relationship with all of the signs and the planets. They are all living forces that have specific lessons to teach us. They are all very important to helping us maintain happiness and balance in our lives. But one that you cannot neglect and is vital to your life force energy, is the archetype that holds your heart. So if you are ever feeling lost, in the dark, or unsure of the path in front of you, let your heart illuminate the way.

With the last Fire sign of the Zodiac, we begin our final progression through each of the Elements. Each Fire sign brings a forth a new awareness: Aries, the beginning to the whole cycle, is the spark and birth of consciousness itself; Leo births the awareness of the ego and the self; In Sagittarius, we get the birth of what I like to call the God awareness: the ability to see the greater picture of life and the connectedness of all things, and how our self is apart of all that. In the previous energy of Scorpio, the vital life force dives deep into the depths of the darkness and the unknown. By opening up your layers and becoming vulnerable to the mystery, you open yourself to to that brief connection with Source. When you dissolve the boundaries of yourself, you come to realize that there is more out there than just your surface level perception of the physical world. There is a deeper connectedness to all things, a mysterious life force that is in the core of everything, that you may never be able to fully comprehend. It is your first glimpse of God, and the transformative power that can occur within someone from having that life changing experience. Scorpio makes you face your fears and the unknown, and from that you come to know that there is more to this life than meets the eye. And now you don’t have to fear death or the unknown, because you’ve gone there, and survived. It is from these kind of experiences that you find your power. There is no reason to be afraid anymore because you have that power of God within you. You are apart of it, and it is apart of you.

Now enter Sagittarius! This mutable fire sign takes this new found integration, and soars into the high heavens with it. If I have this God within me, then who am I? What is my significance in this life? Why did this God chose to incarnate as me? If this is the case, then I must have something special to offer, there must be a reason that I am alive in this realm, living the human experience. And it must be that way for every unique person on this planet. We all have our stories to create in this crazy game of life. And it is the journey of Sagittarius to find the greater meaning to our existence here, taking the quest in search of who we are and what our truth is.

After undergoing a death and a loss of the sense of the self, a new perspective is gained that teaches you who you are, and what your place is in this world. The veil has been lifted and a new lens is polished, giving you a different outlook on life. This is why Sagittarius is the archetype of the Eternal Student, because he is constantly seeking to gain a new perspective on the world. Every individual and culture has a different way of experiencing the world, but they are all true. By seeing many different views of this truth, you can come to a better understanding of the unity interwoven between them, and where your personal truth fits into that web. He is seeking what can be known and revealed out of the unknown. Because you were introduced to that loss of self, an understanding that there is a meaning to life is now understood. There is more to this world than what can be perceived through your own internal lens. Sagittarius doesn’t quite know exactly what that is yet, but he has the innate drive to go out on a journey to discover what that meaning is.

The quest in seeking out the meaning of your own life, will ultimately show you the meaning of life itself. It’s about finding your own personal truth, because at the end of the day, that’s all you can really know. And each person has a different truth within them. Each individual’s life is a story. And in each story there is always truth embedded within, there are always lessons to be learned and values to be taken away. Life is about the journey, it’s about being the co-creator of your own story. You have that power, you have the ability to make the most out of your life in whatever way you chose. And when you are in line with your Truth, and your heart (Leo), you will no doubt create a beautiful story. When you begin to really integrate this into your consciousness, you cannot help but radiate hope and warmth, two of Sagittarius’ wonderful qualities. He is the warmth and heat the emanate from the fire. He expands and brings hope and joy to all of life. When you learn trust in the mystery, and come to understand that it’s all just a game you get to play in and learn from, life becomes more fun and much less scary.

Sagittarius’ opposite sign and balancing point, Gemini, is all about language, communication, and the gathering and sharing of information. They are two ends of the same pole, and both are signs of learning. Gemini is all about the little details, information, logic, and rational thought; while Sagittarius is about the bigger picture, the more philosophical outlook, and learning through experience. During this season of Sag, I happened to be doing a lot of thinking in the importance of words and the vibrations they carry. When I began contemplating on those themes with more of a Gemini/Sag relationship, I gained a whole new perspective and lens on the idea. Language and words, how our mind operates, are all an essential part to aiding in the creation of our story. It is extremely important to watch our words and thoughts, and the energy we carry behind them, because they place a vibrational imprint on the world around us. Words are extremely magical and powerful. Once a thought leaves our lips and enters into the space around us, it sets a certain vibrational pattern and imprint in our energetic field. Whatever your philosophy is that runs behind your story, the words and thoughts you use have to match that feeling and theme. Sometimes that means having to retain the mind to be in harmony with that heat that we wish to radiate from our heart. It is important to constantly watch your mind and your thoughts, watch your words and the information you take in and give out. Because all those little details you flood your head with, those will be roots for your story to grow.

Life is all about the journey. The meaning of this existence is the experience. You are the only one who can give meaning to your own life. And you have your whole life to figure out what you want it to be! You are the author, the pen is in your hand. Don’t give that power to anyone else. I want to create a magical story out of my life, full of love and light, adventure and fun, overcoming fears and learning from the darkness, and living every experience to the fullest, with all my heart. I want to create a story that I can look back on and be proud of, which is apart of the transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn. A story full of wisdom that will live long after I have left this world.

Ignite the spark within you, fuel your flame and shine your light, and radiate your warmth far and wide. Create a story that reflects your innate beauty, and the goodness within you.

As always, One Love <3

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