Pisces Full Moon: Integration through Dissolution

During the evening of the Pisces Moon, I unintentionally began a releasing ritual to hold during this phase of each Moon Cycle. I was sitting out by a river about to harvest some cedar for a small smoke bundle and decided to leave a crystal behind to give thanks. As I was in the midst of this act it became clear to me that it was more than just a gift of reciprocity, considering everything else that is going on in my world currently, it symbolized the letting go of old karma that I don't need to hold onto anymore. (Especially since the grouping of crystals I decided to give away was specifically tuned into a past life part of myself).

​At first, when the idea came up and I began to hear the crystal’s desires to be left in that space, I felt resistance. These are my crystals; if I let go of them I won't have them anymore. But what was I holding on to? There was this fear that if I didn't have them physically anymore that I couldn't work with them, I would be losing everything they represented and I would be missing out on their teachings.

But what I realized in that moment was the truth in the exact opposite idea. By giving them away, I was working with them and I would still continue to work with them long after that. They are still a part of me, even if they're not with me physically in that form anymore. I can always call upon their wisdom and their teachings at anytime, I just need to close my eyes and go back there.

The funny thing is, and it may seem backwards at first, that in order to fully allow them to be a part of me, I needed to let them go. If I continued to keep them as a separate entity that I have, then I will continue to look outside of myself when I'm seeking their answers. By letting them go, I open up room for trusting myself that I can carry their lessons with me on my own.

​This is what Pisces represents: the full integration and completion of an entity by way of dissolution. This can occur with anything and everything in our life: ideas and concepts, relationships and events, feelings and ways of being; everything moves through cycles. In order for a thing to become fully embodied within our entire layered selves, we need to dissolve it's existence and release it. Just as salt dissolves into water, it becomes one entity.

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you want to become something, let it go.

I share this with all of you because I feel that for myself this Pisces Full Moon had great significance, and I needed to connect deeply in tune with her messages.

Take a moment during this Full Moon period, and for the remaining two weeks in the waning Moon, to feel what needs to be dissolved. Sit in your imagination and envision what it is you are deeply seeking. Go into that place of stillness and listen. What is it you hear?

Pisces is the archetype of beautiful completions. A whole life cycle is done, whatever needed to happen, happened. There is no more that can be learned or obtained. Accept what was, forgive all mistakes because in the end it was all perfect.

So give thanks and let go. It is within this space that you open up for newness. Your imagination now has room to flood itself with new, creative ideas. Visions start to become reality. With each piece of yourself you unravel, the more space you allow for new growth.

Blessings on this Full Moon.

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