New Moon Eclipse in Leo: Embracing Serotiny

With today's new moon in Leo, we bring an end to the tumultuous summer eclipse season. I don't know about all you folks out there, but for me this one was more intense than I was expecting. In general, no matter how prepared you think you are for eclipse season (knowing full well that this is the time when shadow permeates, when our subconscious dims our ego and brings up the darkness), the reality of what’s happening during the thick of it can still be immensely jarring.

So what do we do with ourselves now? How do we find resolution with any events that occurred for us during the last month? I've always been fond of eclipse seasons that end with a new moon because I’ve found they allow me more space for grounding after the intensities that full moons tend to bring. The final act for this set of triple eclipses is a new moon in Leo. Like all new moons, this is an internal period. It’s a time for feeling, reflecting, and setting intentions. The energy of the eclipse aids to not just exaggerate this energy but pinpointing it, allowing us to better focus in on what we’re trying to feel.

​Today we have the opportunity, so graciously suggested to us by the cosmos, to go inward and distill down everything that may have come up for us during this time. With six planets in retrograde as well (Uranus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Chiron) the theme of reflecting before moving forward is a very prominent one.

​Leo’s energy during this new moon assists us in coming forth into our new selves, fully embodied. Leo’s flame can ignite us moving forward. Eclipses tend to change and disrupt our inner landscape, asking us to accept the new soil we are embedded within. Sometimes from the seemingly destructive flames, new life can germinate. It is through this process of serotiny that we learn to adapt in triggering situations.

With Leo we can find the courage to step into our newly adapted selves, come into our heart, and express that fully. The world needs fully embodied hearts, now more than ever. So reflect, ground yourself, and feel your heart. Give thanks for whatever was brought to the surface for you this season. Maybe is was intense and dramatic (as Leo tends to be….), or maybe it was more subtle. Either way, things were happening. Take a moment to tune in and listen.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about how to work more consciously with eclipses. So much more depth and dimension is added when you understand where they fall in direct relation to your chart.

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Very inspirational and eye opening article. Thank you for writing it!

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