Libra: Finding the Self in Others

When Libra season first began, I was very eager to get started working on the new Mandala, as I already had a few ideas and concepts brewing in my mind. So when the day finally came that I could begin work, I was a little surprised at how frustrating it was that I couldn’t seem to come up with anything I liked. Every time I’d try to expand on an idea for the Mandala, it would never lead anywhere.

I would eventually become extremely displeased with it, toss it aside and start over. After numerous failed attempts, I finally stumbled into something I could work with. Upon completion, however, I wasn’t quite satisfied with it, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. I was unsure if the piece was even finished, something I am always very sure of with almost every other Mandala I’ve done. Did I need to add more layers? Was the shading really what I wanted? It was strange, I knew this was my Libra Mandala, it was what came through me this season, yet I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. I couldn’t see the Libra in it, at least not in the way I had expected. And that right there, that expectation, was my problem. It wasn’t until further meditation with the Mandala itself, did I start to see the essence of Libra energy come through, in ways I didn’t even realize or know I had created when I was actually drawing the piece. And this got me thinking about why I’m even doing this whole project in the first place.

For me, by creating a picture of each energy, I am putting a face to a name, and it’s helping me learn about the archetypes and their nature directly from them. By really seeing who they are, and actively listening, I am opening myself up to receiving what they have to teach me. This had been a thought I had at the beginning of Libra season, but it didn’t even quite click until I began writing this article. I learned so much more about Libra, and the previous archetypes, directly from the Mandalas themselves. A true lesson in what it means to learn from others. Thinking about Libra on my own, having an idea and expectation of the Mandala in my own head, could never compare with the knowledge gained from sitting face to face with the Energy itself.

So, Libra is the archetype of balance and harmony. How exactly does that pertain to just Libra though? Aren’t we always supposed to keep all signs and energies in perfect balance? When a life force starts at Aries, that new conscious awareness is birthed, and it begins to travel out and away from Source. It evolves and grows through each stage of development, forming the foundation of itself from Aries through Virgo. Libra then, is that balancing point, that stopping place, the halfway marker. The life force has traveled far away from its original source of creation, to the furthest point of separation it can reach. Libra is the energy that is there to remind us that we cannot travel any further, it is time to return back to the place we came from, back inward, back home. And it is on that internal progression that we learn about ourselves through the opposite.

It’s the second half of our journey, where we are introduced to the opposite side of all the energies we developed within ourselves through the first half of the wheel. This is the process that needs to happen in order to complete the cycle of manifestation, to become fully whole. It’s from this introduction of opposites, that we become aware of the cyclical nature of all things. Everything in this life needs to stay in balance, it is constantly working towards that state of perfect equilibrium. What goes out, must come back in. Libra is a cardinal sign, initiating us into the opposite, into the darkness. He is the sunset, a time when we watch the daylight disappear, leaving us with the the new energies of the night time. Libra is there to remind us of the simple beauty that comes when things are in perfect balance and harmony.

Libra’s opposite, Aries, is the archetype of the physical self and Identity, this earthly form and the individual awareness you are in this lifetime. Libra, then, is everything else; other people, other things, the outside world, and our relationship to all of that. Even though we may all have our separate selves, our egos (Aries), on a deeper level we are all connected (Pisces), as the same life force experiencing itself through different lenses. That is why we can learn so much from the seemingly “others” out there in the world. Because through them, we are learning about our truest selves more fully. We can never really know ourselves, unless we understand our relationship in this world. We need to have that outside perspective, and Libra gives us that, to help keep us in balance. That is why intimacy and partnership is something a lot of us crave. When you can dive fully into a relationship with another, you have an opportunity to come to deeper insights about yourself. But it’s not about losing yourself in another and forgetting who you are. On the contrary, you can use your time and connections with others to learn more about yourself, and inspire you to become a better person. A true partnership is a very beautiful and healing experience, when two strong individuals are willing to step into that role. By becoming open and intimate another, you can learn to stand more firm in who you are. Because you continually allow yourself to learn through your partner. You constantly have that mirror, that reflection of yourself that can show the whole picture, something you might not have necessarily seen without the other person. It is an opportunity to learn about compromise and balance, and taking care of another person and their needs, which in turn continues to help you come to a better understanding, and a more complete picture of your truest self. Even if it’s not that deep intimate partnership, we can still treat any and all relationships we have, as a learning experience on some level. And it’s not that we need that kind of relationship in order to become whole, or that you are not complete unless you have it. It is about the journey inward and gaining perspective. And for a lot of us living through this human experience, creating and developing relationships with other people is a very fulfilling way of gaining that outside perspective.

I think that the balance of self and other is something all of us struggle with, because it is so fundamental and simple. How do we keep our individuality and not lose ourselves in others? How can we learn not to be selfish with our time and our talents, and give to others without forgetting about who we are? My time vs other people’s? My wants and needs vs the wants and needs of others? We should never forget who we are, or what we stand for. Our spark, our individuality, that is the foundation of our basic uniqueness, the fact that we are individual selves in this lifetime. We came into this earthly realm to experience ourselves through the lens of One self, our ego. And we need to embrace that. We are meant to live everything in this life through our ego, and that is one half of our learning experience.

The second, is learning to see ourselves in others, learning about ourselves through a different lens. Understanding that there are other egos out there, trying to experience this lifetime to their fullest potential as well. That is why Libra wants fairness and equality, and has the ability to see both sides of the picture and situation. Libra understands that we are all individual selves going through the same journey of life together. We should all respect that and learn to stand side by side as equals, work together as partners, and as teams. Because that is how both sides get what they want. When we work in perfect fairness, that’s when the other and the self can be happy. It is a shame that is something that is so fundamental, and basic to the human experience, is so out of balance in the world today. It’s the golden rule, treating others as you’d like to be treated, a concept that is honestly not that complicated to grasp. It is something we teach our children at a young age, that we need to learn to share and play fair. Yet, when you look at the state of our world, you don’t see this principle in action. There is so much corruption, greed, and inequality on so many different levels. It is when our individual egos and the egos of the land (nation’s and states) begin to take control and take on a lens of separateness, that this imbalance is fed. We are stuck too far in the Aries self, egoistic mentality. We become blinded by that, oblivious to other people out there, only concerned with the self.

It seems almost silly to say, but can’t we all just be nice and play fair? I am unsure why the idea of working through a conflict by talking and compromise, is looked upon as naive and unrealistic. Coming to an agreement as two individuals or parties, respecting differences, and agreeing to a solution that both can benefit from, should not be that difficult to achieve. Having a true understanding of what it means to balance self and other, is one of the most basic and fundamental concepts of creation.

I am hopeful, that during this next year as Jupiter, the planet of luck and growth and expansion, traverses through Libra, we as a species can really take this opportunity to grow in our relationship with others. Expanding in our knowledge of ourselves through others, creating a balance and equal playing field for everyone on this planet. Learning about what it means to create truly harmonious relationships in our lives. And making these new concepts and themes apart of our journey, our story, and our growth. Expanding these truths within ourselves. We all experience Libra’s energies in different ways and in different areas of our lives.

Think about what it means for you, and how you can come to that fundamental balance within yourself and your own life. And work on learning to see other things, your relationships, and other people, as an extension of yourself. Begin to see them as opportunities for growth, a chance to experience and learn something that will help you complete your journey inward, back to your home, in whatever that means for you. Because at the end of the day, we all need each other. Or as Ram Das put it, “We are all just walking each other home.” Maybe when we can all shift our consciousness to a more Libra state of mind, we can stand together as strong individuals, side by side and hand in hand, working to create a more beautiful world for everyone.

Those are just some of my thoughts. As always, One Love, everyone <3

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