Connecting Earth & Heaven Meditation

A majority of us are constantly trying to work towards becoming enlightened and working on bringing our energetic vibration to the higher realms/states of being. But we must remember that we are still Earthy creatures and that connecting with the Earth is just as important as connecting with the Heavens. For if we are deeply rooted in the Earth, only then can we then grow as tall as we would like to the Heavens without fear of the wind.

Here is a meditation exercise that utilizes body awareness and breath work to help you connect Earth (the body) with Heaven (the mind). 

Our Earth center is mostly related to our body and our physical senses. For those of you who are familiar with the chakras, it would encompass of the three lower chakras (Muladhara, Svadisthana, Manipura). Our connection to Earth to what keeps us grounded and living through a place of honesty. From this place we can let go of the need to protect ourselves and propel ourselves to live through an open heart. 

Our Heaven center is our mind and thoughts. The chakras that correlate would be the upper three chakras (VishuddhaAjna, Sahasara). When we connect with Heaven, we can release our dualistic mind and forgo all labels and judgments. Again this helps us to live through an open heart, allowing us to fully connect with the life and energies surrounding and within us. 

And so with any meditation, find the position that is best suited for you, but would recommend the following position for this exercise for connecting our Earth center (body) with our Heaven center (mind): Sit in lotus or cross-legged position (half or full), and gently bow your head to acknowledge the Earth that supports us. With eyes closed, “look” slightly up as if your head was straight and you were looking at the point that would be considered straight across from your sight. This allows you to see through the space of your third eye or Heaven. Place hands face down on knees to connect Heaven back down to Earth. 

With this, there are several ways you can utilize the breath to help connect these energy centers. 

Option 1 is going with the breath up to the 'heaven' on the inhale and down to 'earth' on the exhale. Do not just follow one, as both are necessary to find the balance and true stillness, to live truly through the heart and find a real connection to those around you.

​Option 2 can be done alternating between breathing through the mouth and nose, using what is called the G-Breath. The G-Breath consists of 13 levels of breathing that can be connected with our energy centers to help increase the flow of energy and bring us closer to our centered awareness or consciousness. Each level consists of the inhale and the exhale through either the mouth or the nose. 

1. Inhale through the Mouth, Exhale through the Mouth: Connect with Earth Center (lower three chakras)
2. Inhale through Mouth, Exhale through Nose: Connecting Earth up to Heaven (upper three chakras)
3. Inhale Nose, Exhale Nose: Connect with Heaven Center
4. Nose, Mouth: Connecting Heaven down to Oneness (Heart Chakra)
5-12. Repeat 2 more times
13. Mouth, Mouth

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