Chiron in Aries

The wounded healer enters into the sign of Aries today, after about 8 years in traveling through Pisces, and ushers in the beginning of a new cycle of healing.

For those of you on the healing path, reflect on what has happened for you over the last 8 years as Chiron was completing another cycle. Chiron in Pisces reflects the healing in our connection to Spirit, our visions and imagination, and our sense of peace and universal love, and our feeling of connection with all beings. It brings about a healing of subconscious beliefs that have done all  they can for us, and wished to be evaporated out of our psyche. 

In what ways did you grow and heal spiritually over the past 8 years? 
Did you find any sort of completion or sense of non attachment with outdated self patterns?

Reflecting back on the ending in Pisces helps orient us in time an space, so we can better move forward on a new cycle. Chiron in Aries is going to bring our attention to the healing of our identity, our innate sense of self, and our conscious awareness and action we put forth and direct. Aries is the first spark of aliveness, and with Chiron operating in this energy, we might see new issues that need healing, come into the light of our awareness. 

Chiron will be in Aries until 2027, so we've got some time to work with this new energy within ourselves and our lives. Take some time to reflect on what this means for you and how you might see it's reflection in your life. 

Again, it really does all depend on where Chiron is transiting in your natal chart! That really makes it more tangible for you in your personal life here on Earth. Feel free to message me with any questions if you're looking for more details specific to you! 

In honor of this shift, I'm sharing the mantra for Aries from my Journey Through the Zodiac book. Enjoy!​

I am pure. 
My innate essence is untainted with a divine spark.
I manifest direct energy to move my life forward.
My drive pushes me to develop myself as my own person.
I am a warrior for my life and for life itself.
My instinctual anger is a stimulant for change and growth.
I direct this primal energy towards the evolution of myself.
I am alive.

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