Capricorn: Navigating the Objective & Subjective Worlds

The completion of this Capricorn Mandala marks the halfway point of my artistic progress through the Zodiac Cycle. Looking back on this whole thing, I can see how the project has really taken on a life of its own. I hadn’t the slightest idea how it would evolve or what I was going to gain from it when I started. It has been an incredible learning journey, allowing me to gain the experiential wisdom needed to understand more about my own heart and mind, and the heart of each sign I am working with.

I definitely struggled with the structure of the whole thing at times, and didn’t always get articles out during their corresponding season. But that’s all been apart of the experience, figuring out how I tick, and what does and doesn’t work for me. In my eyes though, this project has been a huge success, more than I ever could’ve imagined, and I am looking forward to see where the last half of the it will guide me.

Personally, I have struggled with Capricorn and her teachings throughout my whole life. By consciously working with her energies within myself over this past year though, I found that when I stand up to meet her presence, instead of hiding from it, she has a lot to offer and teach me. This Mandala had actually been a concept I had been toying with early last year, although I wasn’t thinking of it as a specific Capricorn Mandala. I had, however, been thinking a lot about the nature of Capricorn; how to find the freedom in limitation, and exploring the space and movement that can be made within boundaries. I had played around with a few sketches back then, but I was struggling to come up with anything I liked, so I left it unfinished. When starting this Mandala, it seemed fitting to come back to the concept that was originally so inspired by the essence of Capricorn. Sure enough, after a very long sitting, I had completed the whole thing, shading and all. Easy as pie! It was quite meaningful to see that this Mandala was not ready to manifest at the time I came up with it, but rather, it needed to wait to unfold itself to me as my Capricorn creation. I am extremely pleased with this one, considering it was the only one so far that had been a long lasting idea I struggled to finish. To finally see it come alive in the way I had always wanted and then some, feels like a huge accomplishment. It was a bigger obstacle and challenge for me to overcome compared to the others, which directly reflects my relationship that I have with the energy of Capricorn in my chart. And that right there, is why I love this project, and why I needed to work with the energies in this way. It truly is so magical and telling! Anyways, here are some of my thoughts regarding Capricorn.

So, we’ve finally made it. We’ve reached the top of the mountain, and the farthest edge of reality. These all mighty mountain tops are the highest places on this Earth we can travel to. In our life, they reflect the highest potential we can grow to in our existence. This is the Capricorn point. Representative of the seen world, Capricorn rules and governs everything that is encompassed within the physical reality. All earth signs are the containers for the new awareness that the fire signs lit up before them. In Sagittarius, a new awareness of the connectedness of all things is gained, and the perception of the magic that weaves itself throughout life, comes alive. We travel far and wide to find our own truth and create our story. We develop confidence and hope that we can expand our story however we choose, all we need is a little faith. We set our sights high, aiming the arrow of our awareness far and wide, with the knowledge that anything is possible. Sagittarius is here to give us a beautiful and magical perspective on life. Unfortunately though, no matter how far or high we shoot our arrow, at some point, gravity’s pull will bring it right back down to Earth. And that, my friends, is Capricorn’s grand entrance!

Reality check, there are some things we just can’t do, can’t become, and will never accomplish. We may wish and wish with all our might that we want to fly, but if we jump off a building, it’s not going to turn out pretty. Capricorn steps in as the harsh teacher, and doesn’t cut us any slack. She brings the rules and regulations that govern this reality. And it’d be in our best interest to follow them, because only time will tell, and sooner or later reality will catch up to us. Capricorn is all about limitations and boundaries, what we can and can’t do, and what we are capable of. It’s a tough job to have, and Capricorn can get a bad rap most of the time. I mean, who really wants to hang around that guy, constantly nagging at us reminding us what we can’t do, crushing our hopes and dreams, bursting our optimistic “I can do ANYTHING!” bubble? At first glance, that is the last person I want to invite over. But in truth, Capricorn is one of the wisest teachers, and it’s in understanding our own limitations that we can achieve that freedom we desire. Let’s face it, we all want the feeling of flying high in our life, and we’ve realized that blindly jumping off rooftops doesn’t get us that. So, if we take the time to learn the laws of this reality, we can work within those guidelines, using materials and resources to build a structure that will allow us to fly.

Once we’re at the mountaintop of our lives, we have the perspective of looking back and seeing everything we’ve gone through. We can see all of the challenges, accomplishments, and lessons that are learned by simply growing old and living life. It’s when we’re at this point in our life, we realize it would’ve been wise to build a strong, sturdy and dependable structure for us to climb. And the only way to build such a structure, is by putting in the time and hard work needed to get it done. Good things take time to build. And that rings true for our lives and the stories we wish to create. Capricorn represents our accomplishments, and asks us what we are doing with our lives. Are we using our time and resources on this planet wisely and efficiently? What do we want to stand for, and how do we want to be seen? Capricorn is our legacy that we leave behind. Traditionally, it is our “career,” but it’s much deeper than that. It’s our life’s work, what we are creating with our time here that will have impact and place for generations to come. It’s about building strong, time tested structures, and honoring that sacred traditional wisdom that holds true in life today. Capricorn asked us to step up, stand strong, and take responsibility for who we are and what we create.

Like I said earlier, the duty and responsibility of Capricorn has been something I’ve always fought against, shied away from, or simply ignored. I’m much more comfortable residing in the opposing energy of Cancer: the emotional body, the internal waters, the subjective inner reality of my emotions. The safety and nurturing comfort I get from this place feels like home to me. I’ve had to do a lot of self work in finding peace with the balance of these two energies, and I have come to accept and respect Capricorn’s strength in my life. I do think that for many people out there though, the Capricorn/Cancer pole is still out of balance. A lot of us were taught that the subjective nature of our emotions meant they weren’t real or practical. And we ought not to pay attention to them, since there is no truth to be found. I am a firm believer that this is not the case, and that listening and learning from our inner emotions is of serious importance to the health of our life. Our emotions are here to communicate with us. Water gives movement to this reality, and guides us through life. If we pay attention to what are emotions are telling us, they will steer us on the right path.

Our internal subjective reality is just as important as the outside objective one. They coexist together. And if we pay too much attention to one, the other will come back with a vengeance. Let’s say we spend too much time outside of ourselves, always working, always listening to an outside authority telling us to do the “responsible” thing, never taking the time to check in with how we feel or nourishing ourselves. By doing that, we aren’t allowing our emotional waters to flow freely in and out of us; we aren’t letting them be heard or really felt. They’ll get buried down inside of us, growing into a stagnant, toxic pool that will undoubtedly explode. That is how we develop a seriously unhealthy and unstable emotional body. Just like a young child who is not getting attention, our emotions will have fits, outbursts and tantrums in order to be heard. The opposite end of the spectrum though, is seen when we spend too much time wallowing in our emotions, letting them overtake our lives. When we don’t do things because we just don’t feel like it or we never work hard and take responsibility for anything because it’s too hard….we are in for one harsh reality check if that’s the case. Spending too much time catering to our subjective reality will greatly limit our options and ability to accomplish things in this world and hinder our chances of gaining respect by our peers.

There is a sweet spot between the two though. And each of us has to figure out what that means to us, and how exactly these two dynamics interplay within our lives. The important thing though, is to honor both. We do live within the boundaries of an objective reality, we can’t change that. There are some things we have to do in order to survive, and some things we will never be capable of. But we always have to tune back into our emotions and ask ourselves, how does all of this make me feel? Why am I feeling this way, and what could that be trying to tell me? Remember, our emotions are our guide to help us navigate the external world. When we listen to them, and maybe dive a little deeper into where they stem from and what they mean, we can then gain a better idea of the direction we need to take. Ultimately, they help guide our path and color our story. Water is nourishing and gives life. We want to be able to look out from our mountain top to see beautiful meadows full of wild flowers, lush green forests, waterfalls and flowing creeks. Not a bleak lifeless land, void of any water, life, and meaning.

What do you want to create and contribute to this world with your time here? How do you want to be remembered? What do you want to see when you look down from your mountain peak? Whatever that may be for you, remember to allow for fluidity within your structure. We want not only a dependable and long lasting legacy, but a colorful and fulfilling life as well.

As always, One Love my friends <3

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