Body Awareness Meditation

As mentioned in a previous post, we are more than just our physical selves, we are energetic beings constantly shifting at multiple levels. When you sit with yourself long enough and endure the urge to move, you begin to feel a pulsating vibration within you. This is your inner energetic body, or some could say your soul.

Try this...sit cross legged and begin to meditate. Focus on your breath at first but then move your attention to your feet for a few seconds, then to your knees then to the hips, etc. For most of you, you will start to feel a tingling sensation where you place your attention. That feeling is your inner vibration or energetic body. 

​Because we are energy living in a dense reality we often struggle feeling at home. Increasing our body awareness can help promote grounding and give a sense of comfort in our own skin. Our bodies hold energy in different areas depending on our emotions and where we do this naturally due to our astrological makeup. Once you understand this, you can use your body awareness to gain further knowledge on what is out of balance and why.

There is a saying of “where the mind goes, the body will follow”. There have been studies of this that show positive mood and attitude increases overall strength. The same with negative mood and attitude with a reduction in physical strength. While this is true, I do not think it represents the entire depth of this concept. Yes, making the choice to have a positive outlook on things makes you stronger but it also impacts the space around us. 

For every action, there is a reaction. If we connect with ourselves in a feeling of wholeness and unity then emit that outwards, I guarantee there will be a response even if only on a subtle level. Trying to change the world on a global scale is a challenge to take on for any single individual but to take on this task on a micro level, let’s say our home, is way more manageable for most. Think of it this way, our physical body is the home for our energetic body, the more we sync the two, the more we feel at ease and comfortable. The more we feel this within ourselves, the more people around us will feel at ease as well. And it all begins with getting in touch with our bodies, physical and energetic. 

To truly harmonize and become in tune with ourselves we must first sync the mind with the body.  In Shambhala this technique is labeled as Raising Windhorse. It starts with sitting in meditation and scanning your inner energetic body starting at the feet then moving towards the head and back down again. Take your time, and feel every inch, every crevice, every joint. Next take three deep breaths making sure to stay with the breath even on the exhalation. This connects our mind with the body and after you feel the sync, imagine pushing this sensation outwards to the space around you, emitting from your inner core. Try this a few times and see if you feel a difference in the room. This is a great tool to use anytime to feel more connected not only to your body but to the space around you (ie: before a big meeting or speech, on public transportation, before hosting, etc).

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