Balancing the Energies of Leo & Aquarius

As a new way of self improvement and reflection, I have decided to draw a new Mandala during each zodiac season, giving myself a little more structure in the production of my art. My hopes for this new ongoing personal project is first off a tool of manifestation for my own jumbled thoughts and feelings, to help me organize them and get them out of my mind, onto paper and into the world (something that I often struggle with). 

Secondly, I hope to also use this to further my astrological work, as a way to meditate and reflect more deeply on the energetics and meanings of each zodiac season. I hope to come to new insights and understandings about the cycles and patterns all around us, and how they interplay in my own life. Now, it would make a ton of sense to have started this project at the Spring Equinox in Aries, but it was during my Leo stage of evolution and growth within myself that I came up with this idea only a few weeks ago. So here we are with my first Mandala, and the beginning of this spiritual journey. And I must say, I’m quite pleased, not only with the drawing itself, but with the results I am seeing in myself and my studies. Since today is the full moon, and we are nearing the end of Leo, it seemed fitting to share all of this with you. You can expect a new teaching every month with each new season as I’m looking forward to sharing this personal journey with you all. Here are some of my thoughts and reflections on the nature of Leo energy, and this Aquarius Full Moon :)

Leo, the flame, is the inner fire that fuels our whole being, and radiates that energy out into the world. It is the essence of the heart and that special spark behind someone’s eyes. The all consuming passion and love that fills us up until we simply cannot contain it anymore so we let it overflow out of us, spreading its goodness to all. Leo is the fun loving, playful, creative, child-like energy of expressing ourselves to the world. Innocent and romantic. This energy and stage in the development and flow of consciousness is all about finding and building our inner fire; finding that quality, that passion, that someone, that makes us burn with desire. It’s coming home to our hearts, remembering the feeling that true love can bring and how easy it is to live with love inside of us every day. We all know how heart opening love makes life so much more wonderful! The whole world is more colorful, more beautiful. Love motivates us, it inspires us, drives us to become the best person we can be. It’s that love, that light, that is our fuel. Without it, we become dull, uninspired, and unmotivated. We become lost trying to find our way in the dark without our inner lantern. Constantly building, feeding and maintaining the inner flame that is our vitality, which is so important for the essence of our being.

So then, once we find this love within us, what exactly are we supposed to do with it? Well, what is it that fire essentially does? Fire without a sense of purpose, direction, and some control can be destructive. When maintained properly, fire provides heat and light for all persons. In order to achieve the greatest good from our flame, we need to align our inner heart’s desires with the greater good of our communities, and the world at large. Leo is always facing off with its opposing sign, Aquarius. We need the help of others to build our biggest flame possible. We need to always remember that the purpose of our light is to shine it towards building a better future for our world. When we come to that understanding and alignment, the opposition will not clash with us, but instead, it will feed us.

I think as a result of the growth and expansion in our consciousness at this time, many of us are coming into proper alignment with our hearts. We are seeing how living through the heart is affecting our lives and the lives of those around us for the better. We are coming to realize that shifting our perspective and awareness puts us in a truly magical place. However, with all shifts in consciousness there are challenges. And though now we seem to have a better idea of who we are and what we want, there is much frustration as to how we get there. How can we fit our newest, evolved selves into this chaotic world? Although it may seem incredibly difficult to maintain our light at times, rest assured, if you are honest with your love, in true alignment with your higher self, and authentic in all your actions, then there is a place for your light to shine in this world. There will always be a place, for a true and honest Leo flame will always have a community that it will be of service for. And it is in this Age of Aquarius that we are finding out that the communities we seek, we are going to have to create for ourselves.

With this new found awakening, we know that the way the world is operating now does not align with the new paradigm. In order for us to find our perfect community, that safe place we can call home and not be judged, we are going to have work to build them. It may be hard, and it may be messy, but that’s just the way Aquarius likes it. Shaking things up, causing troubles and rude awakenings as it breaks down old structures to make way for the new. That is his job. Aquarius is the higher mind, the out of the box, detached thinker that can see the bigger picture. He can see humanity’s global evolution, the direction it’s going, and how to get there. He can see when the old ways are no longer working, and that sometimes, the only way to get people to change and wake up, you need to shock them. A good Aquarian is always working from the heart, with the heart’s desires in mind. Leading the way to build a better community where all hearts can shine. Being so detached and residing high up in the collective mind, Aquarius sees and respects all people equally, and understands we all have the right to be our unique selves.

We are all aware of the major changes that are happening in the world currently, or at least we should be. It is up to us to stand firm and tall in our beliefs, be the change we want to see within ourselves, and actively work to bring about the future we all want to have. Events like the protests surrounding the Dakota Pipeline right now are an example of the importance and impact we have in these times of great change. Aquarius, the water bearer, spreading the gift of life to all, fights to make sure that every person has an equal right to live as freely and fully as they desire. It is absolutely astounding to me that in this day and age we are still fighting for our right for clean water. In a time when we can have almost anything we want at our fingertips, the most basic and essential element to human life and survival is still a struggle to get, and for many people in this world they do not have access to it at all. I think the rise of awareness surrounding this issue is showing us where we need to focus our attention for the advancement of our global healing.

Let’s just take a step back and humble ourselves for a minute. We need to realize that when it comes to water, we are all equally dependent on it for survival. Every single one of us, there are no exceptions, and no hierarchy. With all the abundance that Mother Earth provides for us, and all the advancements in technology we have today, there is no reason any person should go without access to clean water. None. If we can all come to this understanding, and stand in agreement on this issue, it will be a major shift in our collective consciousness, and I think it could pave the way for the foundation that we are building our new world on.

So harness the powerful energy of this Full Moon within yourselves. Keep working on feeding your flame, and never settling for anything less, because the new paradigm needs to be one of heart centeredness. Building your inner flame and continuing to do your healing will always help ignite the healing in others. I know that all this change can be scary, and we can sometimes feel lost or hopeless not knowing what this new world will look like or where our place is in it, but the more we can open our hearts, and shine our lights collectively towards making a better world, that once dark and unknown vision of the future, becomes illuminated with our love.

Blessings to all, and Happy Aquarius Full Moon. As always, One Love my friends <3

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