Aquarius: Bringing Universal Wisdom into the Heart

I know, it's been quite a while since I've written an article for this series. And clearly we aren't in Aquarius season anymore. Like most of the projects in my life, I'm really good at starting them, but the follow through and completion…..not so much. But, more important than the articles is the creation of each Mandala in it's appropriate season, right?

My thoughts exactly and I can say with pride that I have had no problem with that part. So, I figured as long as I'm keeping up with that, the articles will come to fruition naturally at the right time. That time has finally seemed to happen for Aquarius and I have felt inspired to write this article. Probably because a couple weeks ago the Nodes of the Moon shifted from the Virgo/Pisces axis to the Leo/Aquarius axis. It seems fitting then to share my thoughts on the nature of Aquarius and it's balancing point of Leo, since this is an important axis in the evolution of the human race at this time.

So, after finally reaching our Capricorn mountaintop, where do we go from there? We’ve hit our peak and have traveled as far as we possibly can within this seen reality. What's​ left after that? I guess we could stay at the top of the mountain, looking​ down at the rest of world, as we keep every bit of wisdom we gained all to ourselves. But that doesn't really make too much sense and it certainly​ isn't a natural rhythm of life. The next logical step would be to travel to the space just beyond the boundaries of reality.  When we come raining back down towards earth, we can share what we've learned from the unseen realms with the rest of humanity. This is what the archetype of Aquarius represents.

Alone, just outside the confines of reality is where the Aquarian sits. It is from this viewpoint that he is able to observe how all of life operates, separate from the limitations and laws of reality. This seat allows Aquarius to remove himself from the picture he sees and his vision is not cluttered with his earthiness. The ability to distance himself in this way gives him a broad and objective view of humanity as a whole. From here he can pour his unique world views and ideas​ back down unto earth, sharing new perspectives that have never been thought of before. Aquarius represents the open mind, as each air sign corresponds to a different layer of our mental body. Like a finely tuned radio, constantly wired to the collective consciousness station, the Aquarian walks around not always fully present in this reality. He lives in the future and global mind, always thinking about how to improve human life. 

Preferring to keep his lone seat up in the observation deck of the heavens, Aquarius can often distance himself from human connection. Which is why he can sometimes seem like a foreign alien to the rest of us down here on earth. The Aquarian generally prefers it that way and loves to push the buttons of the status quo with a quirky, intellectual​ wit. He is always ten steps ahead of everyone else and already out of the box you've confined yourself to. All of the authority and ancestral tradition that Capricorn carried with her is seen as a box for the Aquarius. There's no way you can confine such a forward thinking mind to old societal structures that don't work anymore. A rebel, with or without a cause, Aquarius is the one standing face to face with injustice, ready to fight for his right to individual freedom. 

Because Aquarius is such an individualist, he encourages everyone else to embrace their own uniqueness as well. Which is why the archetype is also the sign of communities, friend groups and tribes. The Aquarian wants to surround himself with different and wacky weirdos, each with their own perspectives and outlooks on life. He wants everyone to be completely free to just be themselves, creating a true community of individuals. These differences will also constantly keep Aquarius mentally stimulated, since he can always learn something new from another person. When everyone is given the opportunity to creatively pursue their own unique paths and interests, that's when new ideas, new art, and technology and inventions come to life. The Aquarian is always looking towards the future wanting to push humanity forward in a better way. He knows allowing for individual freedom is the best way to improve human life. When creative individual minds join together in communities, that's when they are truly strongest.

If living up to his highest potential, Aquarius represents all of the good that can come from using the mind. He is the only sign in the zodiac with a human as one of his symbols, representing the barriers and boundaries mankind has surpassed with our intellectual​ nature. Let's face it, there's no denying that many of our technological advancements have improved human life. Since entering the Age of Aquarius and the scientific revolution, a lot of really neat inventions have come into existence. They have allowed us to do more things, more efficiently and in less time. We have global access at our fingertips, connecting us with people and information from all over the world in an instant. 

Granted, one of the downfalls of Aquarius and the mind, is the detachment from humanity and the heart, represented by its opposition of Leo. The mind is an extremely powerful tool, but we need to remember that it's place is to be of service to our heart. When Aquarius is out of balance, Leo will lash back, giving the Aquarian a huge ego and hard head, placing his mind above all else. Science and logic become the only way, mankind and our intellect are seen as superior to all other species and the ways of nature. If in balance and living from its proper place, the Aquarian can use his brilliant mind to bring that universal wisdom down into the heart and share it with the world. In this way, he can come from a place of love for all of life and creation.

As I mentioned earlier, the Nodes of the Moon switched signs a few weeks ago. The Nodes are the two points in the Moon's orbit where it crosses the Earth's ecliptic path. The North Node is representative of the direction we are heading in our lives for the soul's growth and evolution. The South Node is where we came from, our karmic past. The North Node holds abundant, yet unfamiliar and undeveloped energy for us to use. The South Node is the energy we have worked with for many lifetimes, and thus, have perfected in a sense. When talking about where the Nodes are currently, we use them to teach us where humanity as a collective needs to move on from and what we need to grow and evolve towards.

​The North Node just entered the sign of Leo, so the South Node is in Aquarius. Until November of 2018, we as a species need to work on the Leo energy within ourselves.

As a collective, I think we have strayed too far into the mind and have left behind the teachings of the heart. That's why we see such a disconnect with so much of our technology and medicine. In actuality it isn't bettering our species, but rather it's making us sicker, hurting ourselves and our beloved planet. We've created weapons that can kill millions of people in seconds, “medicine” that destroys our bodies, and technology that can confine a person to solitude for weeks on end. So many of us are walking around everyday completely disconnected from our hearts and each other, operating only through our minds. 

If we all work with this transit consciously, I think we can see some great growth. Leo is the heart and the power of love that is generated from it. So now is the time to really focus on what you love and how you can uniquely share it with the world. Now is the time to get creative, have fun, be playful and romantic, make art, make love, let your heart sing out in whatever way calls to you! Sit with your heart a little more often and try centering your awareness and consciousness from this place of love everyday. It's through the heart that we truly connect with one another and feel the world around us. Let's take some of this amazing technology​ we have and bring the heart back into it. We don't have to neglect the advancements we've made, but use them in better ways. Let's start feeding the hungry, and housing the homeless. Let's begin making technology that works with the Earth, instead of destroying it. Let's get out of the realm of our minds and away from our screens because sometimes logic and reason aren't the right answer and need to step aside for love. Let's let go of the old, stagnant patterns of a mind centered consciousness. Let's release the old Aquarian ways and raise them up in the direction of Leo. Let's give that Aquarian mind it's true weapon, a fierce and powerful heart.

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