A New Artistic Adventure

A huge catalyst in making this blog actually happen, is the artistic partnership that formed between the two of us. It was the first real step in turning a dream of ours into a reality, and of us coming together to share something beautiful.

Megan: Last summer I started drawing Mandalas. Why I started, I’m not really sure. I bought a journal with the intention of writing more, but instead, I opened up to the first page and without even thinking started drawing a Mandala. I was instantly hooked. I couldn’t put the pencil down until I was finished. And when it was done, I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. It wasn’t that bad. I figured, if I could draw one pretty cool Mandala, maybe I could draw more, and make them even better. So, I started drawing them all the time. It became a nighttime ritual for me, a form of meditation. I came to realize that the precision and symmetry that goes into making a mandala, was exactly what I needed in order to express myself artistically (besides dancing). I always loved drawing and doodling, especially flowers, but I was never satisfied with how they turned out, or felt like they weren’t good enough to do anything with. Giving myself that structure of making a symmetrical pattern, was a way for my brain to tune out all other distractions and focus on one thing. I felt like I was able to channel all my creativity in a more focused way, because I had certain perimeters that I could work in. I would spend hours on each one, making sure all the lines and patterns are precise. And I absolutely love it. But that’s about as far as my brain and creativity will go. Once I’m finished with my pencil drawing, I’m done. I never really thought about coloring them. The few times I attempted to color them, I hated them. I felt like I couldn’t come up with nice color schemes, and I didn’t color them in a way that flowed with the pattern I drew.

Lyz: That’s where I come in. Growing up I always wanted to make something I saw as beautiful, so I tried to doodle flowers and eyes. I was never satisfied how they turned out and never got farther than a penciled outline. One holiday I got a mandala coloring book and I loved it. Not having to think about making a perfect outline, I could color to my heart’s content. Playing with the colors that complimented each other and emphasized one another got me hooked. Like Megan with her drawings, the coloring became a form of meditation that I could start and finish without breaking focus, completely engulfed in to make this simple drawing come to life through color. As Megan drew more and more, I started to become bored with the simple mandala sketchings of my coloring book. I looked through her drawings and a sense of glee began to bubble within me. This, this is what I wanted to color. I saw the depth of the drawings and knew I needed to make each intricate layer of her mandalas pop and dance.

Megan: A perfect match. I would draw the Mandalas and Lyz would color them. So, when I decided I needed more art in my room, the idea of putting one of my pieces on a canvas and having Lyz paint it seemed like a magical idea. I picked one of my favorite designs, and Lyz started coming up with color schemes for it. It was such a fun process. Copying one of my designs onto a larger canvas was a bit harder than I expected, but after a couple weeks of working and perfecting it, I handed the canvas off to Lyz, and we watched it come into a whole new life with color.

Lyz: Coming up with a coloring scheme was easy as there were several colors I was aching to use to bring her mandala come to life. As I watched Megan draw the mandala on the canvas I could see even more details that I missed the first time I saw it. The layers of the piece popped even more and the I could see in my mind’s eye what needed to be done to bring it to life. After several weeks of meticulous painting, it slowly began to come together.

After the painting was finished we both look at it and looked at each other. The same thought popped into our heads: Wow! What a collaboration! If we could create something so beautiful working together, what else could we accomplish working as a team. This very thought sparked the essence of what we are trying to do today, the coming together to spread the beauty of the world we see. It marked the beginning of a journey that we could see taking us to the very place our souls wanted to go. To share the magic of connecting with others and creating something that you could have never done on our own.


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